Yearly Registration


Yearly Registration

Deadline To Register

March 1 - 31, 2022


It is that time of year again. PTEC requires all those planning to attend PTEC in 2022-23 to complete all paperwork located below in the "Links for Signatures" section. This year you may sign electronically. If fees are not paid by March 31, your student's spot will not be guaranteed.

**You must read every form carefully because there are new policies that will affect student graduation and grades.

Step 1 of Yearly Registration

Log into your Campus Parent account.  Go to “More” on the left side index.  From there, click on “Online Registration”.  On the next screen, select “Click here to go to Existing Student Registration” and follow the instructions.  Below is a link to a document to walk you through the process as well as a short video tutorial.  If you need further assistance, please contact your school’s front office.

Returning Student Yearly Registration Document 

Parent Video Tutorial 

Step 2 of Yearly Registration -


There are links below for two types of forms. There are forms that you only need to read and forms that you must sign after you read.

o   The bus forms only need to be read and filled out by those families that will need to use the bussing system. This will be first come, first served.

o   There is an Advanced Absence Notification form that is only filled out when you are planning to pull your student from school for a time. This form has changed. Read it carefully if you are thinking about taking time away from school.

Summer Reading and Math Projects

The Summer English Packet is mandatory for all students, as defined in that section. The English summer packets will be in the link where you sign the yearly registration forms.  You may obtain a summer reading book from your local library (they usually run out of books quickly), a local bookstore, or online.

Summer Reading Assignment

The PTEC Math Department will be conducting our Summer Math Packet online this year. We will be using Khan Academy to prepare each student for their upcoming class. In May, current students will register for a Khan Academy account (if they do not already have one) before leaving this school year. Please help your student keep track of their user names and passwords.

o   Incoming students will receive either a digital sheet with links to the site or a paper copy with the links listed. Completion of your work will be verified by email through Khan Academy. There will be approximately five sub-topics for you to work through.

Summer Math Packet

Summer reading and math work will be counted as their first homework grade of the year. Should a student choose not to do one or both, they will be starting the year with a failing grade.


Annual fees will need to be paid at the front office by check,  online payment from your IC portal, or exact cash.  All monies due (past and present fees), must be turned in no later than Thursday, March 31.


You must order your students' uniforms online.  You can place an order on the first of every month. Please visit the following website to order uniforms –

Infinite Campus

Please come to the front office with a legal guardian's valid photo ID so our staff can get you set up with an Infinite Campus parent portal account (if your student is completely new to James Irwin).

We communicate with you through the information you provide when setting up your account.

We are only allowed to talk to those listed as guardians about your student's grades or behavior.

The Infinite Campus parent portal provides the following information for you as a parent regarding your student:

  • All missing assignments
  • All in-progress grades
  • Report cards at the end of each semester
  • Schedule and link to contact teachers directly from that schedule via email
  • Attendance, including any tardies, accrued
  • Set preferences for how you would like to be contacted
  • Add and edit emergency contact lists for who may pick up your student

If you are the parent of a fifth-grade student coming from JICA or JICES to PTEC and do not remember your login information, please reset your Infinite Campus (IC) password.  All legal parents/guardians should have their own IC portal account that was assigned to you at JICA or JICES.

If you have never logged into IC, you can go to JICA or JICES with your photo ID for access support.

Suppose you have used IC but don't remember your username or password, and you have set up your security (recovery) email address in your portal account. In that case, you can reset your login credentials by clicking on the "forgot username" or "forgot password" button on the portal's login page.  If you have not already set up a security email address in your portal account, you will need to go to the front office at JICA or JICES with your photo ID so they can contact Janice Cook to request a password reset for you.

Sign the Forms

Below are the links that will give you the option to sign all registration forms online, forms that need no signature, and English and math Summer assignments folders.

Please click on the following link to e-sign your Yearly Registration forms and to see your Summer Reading assignment. You must download the document onto your PC. After you sign each form, you will have to attach it to an email back to You will pull it out of your downloads folder.

Please see the following website to view the documents that don't need signatures but have essential school information.

Essential School Information