PTEC Lunch

Nutrition departments are regulated by the federal government and part of that regulation is to operate as a self-funded enterprise within a school district. This means that Nutrition Services does not take any taxpayer’s funds from the district to operate the meal programs.

D49 provides our lunch program.

PTEC is not on the D49 calendar schedule so when D49 is off and PTEC is in session we will not have lunch available to your student. They will need to bring a lunch from home. There are two weeks in October when D49 has fall break and a week in March when D49 has spring break. Lunches will be unavailable during those times, as well as approximately seven days beyond those times. All information will be communicated to you well in advance.

The cost is $4.35 for a regular lunch.

Below are the steps required to sign up for the D49 lunch program.

If you haven’t applied for free school lunch, please do so via the link below:

Free and Reduced Lunches Application