Gregg Sheldon

CTE Automotive

Gregg Sheldon has been a Wide Open Throttle Therapy Junkie since he was able to hold a tool in his hand. In school he struggled with memorization tasks like languages, spelling, vocabulary, however could take things apart, and put it back together blindfolded… Teaching the do it yourself mentality to others had been the reason for his career path. As a 2004 University of Rhode Island graduate with a BA in Psychology, Gregg spend his first professional years as a social worker with preferred population of disadvantaged youth. In 2009 he attended a school meeting with an Autoshop teacher and immediately had an epiphany that automotive instructor was his utopian career. The next year Gregg took the leap by completing a year long automotive training program  and worked in the automotive field until 2017 to acquire the needed experience. In 2017 he opened the doors to an automotive vocational program and the pandemic closed the doors  to the fundamentals course so he pivoted to an online curriculum that lead to him hearing about the vacancy at PTEC.

Moreover, Gregg is grateful to have a hobby that had turned into a lifestyle that he has coined as Wide-Open Throttle Therapy or WOTT. He can be found Drag and road course racing, riding various motorcycles, Piloting his jet boat and racing 8th scale RC car.

Lastly Gregg is an active Rotarian with the North Colorado Springs Rotary Club, a graduate and board member of The Thrive Network and most recently join the Colorado Springs Rod and Customs Car Club. He fields automotive questions daily from the public and enjoys giving out his knowledge to those in need.