Shawn McGee

CTE Robotics, Intro to CAD/Engineering

My name is Shawn McGee. I am a first-year teacher at PTEC and a James Irwin alumni (Class of 2015). I was born in Colorado Springs at Memorial Central in 1997 and I have been a permanent fixture of the city ever since. My background is in Computer Science. I fell in love with computing when I was a young tween learning to program calculators and computer games. I spent the next two decades in and out of school, tutoring, developing applications for fun, freelancing, and writing software for embedded systems before my passions landed me here.

My core philosophy both in teaching and in life is to embrace an attitude of curiosity and wonder. To truly live a life of curiosity requires letting go of pride and judgement. The world is brimming with smaller miracles and to ignore them for the sake of ego is a disservice to oneself and those around us. I strive every day to find fascination in the mundane and encourage my students to the same.