Yearly Registration


DON’T WAIT, REGISTER NOW!  Deadline – March 31, 2021

JICHS adheres to a Yearly Registration procedure  for the parents or guardians of both new and returning students. This ensures a spot for  students in their appropriate grade level for the coming school year.  School administration depends heavily on the information provided to prepare reliable projections about student enrollment, possible openings in particular grades and many other contingent decisions.  Please open the links below to find the necessary paperwork to complete this registration process.

Parents of all returning and newly enrolled students are required to – 

  • Complete all paperwork
  • Sign up for Infinite Campus access (must have a valid photo ID with you)
  • Pay student fees for 2021-22
  1. All completed paperwork should be returned to the JICHS front office.
  2. Fees can be paid online if you have your Infinite Campus account set up or they can be paid in the school front office.
  3. If you need to set up your Infinite Campus portal account, you will need to go into the JICHS front office with a valid photo ID to receive your activation code for setting up your account.
***IMPORTANT – Not completing this important process by the deadline of March 31, 2021 will result in the forfeiture of your student’s spot for the 2021-2022 school year and that spot will be given to the next student on the waitlist.
Forms to Sign and Turn in to High School Front Office  (email completed forms to

Forms to Sign and Turn in to Front Office

2021-2022 Yearbook Order Form

2021-22 Forms to Read and Keep

  1. JICS FERPA Letter 2021
  2. Frontier Ranch  -- coming soon
  4. Medical Forms.  ATTENTION: Change in JICHS Medical Form Information!

Please ask the JICHS front office for, or download and print from below, medical forms for your student. Most forms must be signed by a physician.

Does my student require a medical form?

  • Your student has asthma. Asthma HCP will need to be completed.
  • Your student has asthma and will be carrying an inhaler on campus. Asthma Contract to Carry will need to be completed.
  • Your student has allergies. Allergy Emergency Plan will need to be completed.
  • Your student has allergies and will have an Epi-pen on campus. Epi-Pen Contract to Carry will need to be completed.
  • Your student has diabetes. Diabetic HCP will need to be completed.
  • Your student has or will need medication, including cough drops or medicine for headaches, to be taken during the school day.

Student Medication form and Cough Drop Carry Contract will need to be completed.

  • You would like your student to receive mints or crackers on an as-needed basis from clinic. Student Medication form will need to be completed.
  • Your student has medical concerns that may need to be addressed during school hours. Confidential Health Information form will need to be completed.

2021-22 Medical Forms

*HCP –Health Care Plan