Diploma of

Graduation Cap

Along with the already academically rigorous graduation requirements, the following requirements must be met in order to be awarded the Diploma of Distinction:

Service hours –

Students who are working toward the Diploma of Distinction are required to obtain 20 hours of service each school year.

Accelerated Studies –

Students will be required to have at least two of the following types of classes-
PSEO (JICHS and College)
AP class, including taking the AP test
Honors class

Eligibility for college scholarship –

This is required for all recipients

Portfolio –

This begins in 9th grade to include:
Service learning log
Personal experiences gained from service
Personal goals
Test scores (ACT, PSAT, etc.)
Grade cards
Personal projects
Letters of recommendation

Senior Project –

A year long process in the senior year of high school to include –
Presentation of project
Research paper about the project
Examples include recording a CD, redecorating a room, a service project for a community agency, or choreographing a dance.

Athletics/Activities –

Throughout the 9 – 12 grades, participation in at least one athletic program and one activity, or two activities in which one includes service, such as a club or organization at school that includes service hours. These hours can be applied to the required 20 hours each year.

Character –

Each year, have two letters of recommendation highlighting character qualities. Letters should be written by teachers who have taught the student or by their advisor.

Leadership –

Obtain leadership experience in one or more areas or projects.

If you are interested in this program, schedule an appointment with the Diploma of Distinction Director, Mrs. Cook.