Shane Moran

Physics/AP Physics Teacher

Mr. Moran is a first-year physics teacher at James Irwin.  He is originally from New York and credits his own high school physics teacher for instilling in him a love of physics.  He studied physics and math in college, during which time his love for the subjects were momentarily destroyed only to be rebuilt even stronger by fantastic teachers and mentors.  Mr. Moran received a commission in the Army after graduation and served four years at Fort Carson, growing very fond of the state of Colorado in the meantime.  Multiple factors have contributed to Mr. Moran’s choice to teach physics at James Irwin, not the least of which are the school’s reputation, the  opportunity to help others through instruction, and an enduring appreciation for the subject matter.  His goals for the year are to inspire curiosity and confidence in the students, facilitate the development of critical thinking skills, and to assist students in whatever way possible to strive for greatness inside and outside of the classroom.