Brandy Forrest

World History I/Honors, Western Civ/Character & Ethics Teacher

Dr. Brandy Forrest joined the James Irwin family in the Fall of 2023 in the history department.  As an archaeologist, historian, and teacher, she has taught and worked with students and volunteers from the ages of fourteen to eighty.  She has spent 13 years working as staff on the Tall el Hammam excavation project in the Middle East.  She has also spent time in several school districts across the globe sharpening her teaching skills.  Her extensive experience in the field and her passion for preserving history for future generations makes her a great addition to the James Irwin family.

Dr. Forrest was a military child and is currently a military wife.  She has lived all over the world and personally viewed many of the ancient sites she teaches about in the classroom. Her father retiring in Colorado Springs created a home base for her in the early 90’s. She graduated from Doherty High School in 1993 and received her bachelor’s from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.  In the last 18 years, Dr. Forrest further acquired a master’s degree in theology (emphasis on ancient languages and church history) and a second one in Archaeology and Biblical history.  Lastly, she received her PhD earlier this year in Archaeology and Biblical history. While pursuing her academic passions, she also raised two amazing children. One, having recently graduated, is following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps while serving in the US military.  Her younger child is attending our amazing high school.  She has finally come home to Colorado Springs and is excited to fulfill her dreams of being a teacher.