Steven Marquez

Algebra I Teacher

Mr. Steven Marquez is a new addition to the James Irwin family, joining in the fall of 2023 as an Algebra 1 teacher. As a graduate of James Irwin Charter High School in 2019, he is proud to return to his roots and build up the next generation of students. He discovered his love for mathematics and especially physics from his junior year in high school through his further education in college.  

Mr. Marquez moved to Colorado from Okeechobee, Florida in 2006 and has lived here since, enjoying its dynamic terrain and distinct lack of mosquitoes and huntsman spiders. He enjoys hobbies here such as hiking, exploring, and archery. He is proud and eager to expand his students’ problem-solving arsenals through academically rigorous mathematical content, and even more eager to cultivate strong character and excellence within his students.