Abigail Williams

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Abigail Williams (formerly known as Miss Hartley) joined the James Irwin family as an English teacher in the fall of 2006. She taught various classes in the English and Drama departments at JICHS for thirteen years before moving back to the Midwest. During her time away, she grew as a classroom teacher and as a school leader at Roosevelt High School. Mrs. Williams was also blessed to meet her now husband. Although she enjoyed the past three years of teaching in South Dakota, Mrs. Williams is overjoyed to be returning home to James Irwin as the assistant principal at JICHS.

Mrs. Williams grew up all over the United States, but has come to realize that Colorado Springs is her home. She enjoys the beauty of the outdoors and the 350 some days of sunshine, and she is looking forward to introducing her husband to her favorite hikes. Her time at James Irwin first as a teacher, and then as a lead teacher, cemented her love of education and leadership. Mrs. Williams credits her mentors, past and current, with helping her to see and cultivate her potential as both a classroom teacher and as an administrator. She looks forward to her return to the strong and supportive community of James Irwin Charter Schools, and she is excited to continue the mission of guiding students in the development of their character and academic potential through academically rigorous, content-rich educational programs.