Cathy Finn

JICHS Academic Advisor

Mrs. Cathy Finn arrived in Colorado Springs during 2012, along with her family, as a military move.  After much research, she and her husband (Mr. Finn – JICMS/JICHS STEM teacher) chose James Irwin Charter Schools as the best fit for their 3 children.  Cathy began as a parent volunteer, joined the Admissions Department in 2014 and then became the JICHS Academic Advisor under Student Support Services in 2021.  She is responsible for overseeing JICHS students’ schedules, transcripts and overall paths to success in meeting JICHS Graduation Requirements.  In 2015 she enticed her husband to join the James Irwin Charter Schools family upon his retirement from the US Air Force.  As avid walkers, you can routinely see this couple “getting their steps” around campus during lunch breaks.  The Air Force may have brought us here but James Irwin Charter Schools made us want to stay in Colorado Springs.