Photo of Samuel Ashmore

Samuel Ashmore

Dean of Students & AP Economics

Mr. Samuel Ashmore has worked for the JI family since 2013. Over that time, he has taught a variety of classes in the Math Department and Science Department. However, he primarily spent his time spreading his love of politics and economics to the seniors of JICHS. As the 2021-2022 school year ended, Mr. Ashmore transitioned into the role of Dean of Culture at the high school to further his desire to partner with students and parents in the behavioral growth of James Irwin High School students and to help prepare them to be individually responsible members of society in the future. Mr. Ashmore loves to be around students and enjoys learning from them as well as the opportunity to help them grow. He had many fine educators in his background who have helped model what it means to truly care and teach students. Without them, Mr. Ashmore would not have found his home (work) in education. Mr. Ashmore credits his long stay at JICHS to a belief in the mission and vision of the school in that "All students can learn" and that we exist to help students develop their character "through an academically rigorous and content rich educational program." 

Before moving to Colorado, Mr. Ashmore grew up in Michigan in a large family with nine brothers and sisters. When he is not in school, Mr. Ashmore enjoys landscape photography in a quest to capture as much of the beauty of Colorado as possible. He also enjoys all sports and the opportunities to play sports with students throughout the year. In his time at JI, he has coached Track and Field as well as Varsity Basketball. Whenever possible, Mr. Ashmore loves getting to visit his siblings and the 30+ nieces and nephews in his family. 

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