School Counseling Department

(If This Is A Mental Health Emergency, Please Call 911.)

The Role Of School Counselors


School counselors play a vital role in our educational community, providing essential support to students, parents, and staff. Their primary focus is on helping students achieve academic success, personal growth, and emotional well-being during their school years. It's important to note that while school counselors provide valuable assistance, they are not a substitute for long-term therapy or mental health treatment.

Academic Guidance:

One of the key functions of school counselors is to assist students in developing their academic potential. They help students set and achieve educational goals, and make informed decisions about their academic futures. They also provide guidance on study skills, time management, and test-taking strategies.

Personal And Social Support:

School counselors are here to support students in their personal and social development. They provide a safe and confidential space for students to discuss issues such as peer relationships, family concerns, and emotional challenges. Counselors offer guidance and strategies to help students navigate these issues and develop crucial life skills like conflict resolution and communication.

Crisis Intervention:

In times of crisis or emergencies, school counselors are trained to provide immediate support and assistance. They work closely with students, families, and school staff to address critical situations and ensure the safety and well-being of all students.

Mental Health Awareness:

While school counselors can offer support for emotional and mental health concerns, it's important to remember that they are not a replacement for long-term therapy. They can provide short-term counseling and referrals to external mental health professionals when necessary. Recognizing the limits of their role, they prioritize students' best interests and well-being above all else.

Collaboration With Parents And Staff:

School counselors collaborate with parents, teachers, and administrators to create a positive and supportive school environment. They work as part of a team to address students' needs and ensure their success.

In summary, school counselors play a multifaceted role in our educational community, focusing on academic, personal, and social development. While they offer valuable support for various challenges students may face, it's crucial to understand that they are not a substitute for long-term therapy. If students require ongoing mental health treatment, school counselors will provide referrals to appropriate professionals. Our counselors are committed to nurturing the well-being and growth of every student, helping them navigate the challenges of school and life beyond.


School Counselors At James Irwin Charter Schools:

Grace Brueggemann: 

Mrs. Grace Brueggemann first started her journey with James Irwin in 2008 as a freshman in high school. After graduating from JICHS, PPCC (now PPSC) and Liberty University, she returned to James Irwin to work as an English Teacher. Grace is now the School Counselor Intern for all 5 JICS Campuses while she completes her Master's from Adams State College.  She also teaches AP Psychology and AP English at James Irwin Charter High School.


Lisa Romero:

Lisa Romero graduated from Adams State with a dual focus in school counseling and clinical mental health counseling.  She has spent time in schools of all levels and in inpatient as well as outpatient care.  Mrs. Romero is also a JICMS mom with a 7th grade student and a toddler at home.


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