Shelley Woody

Assessment Coordinator/Curriculum/ELL

Ms. Woody began her journey with James Irwin Charter Schools in 2008. She enrolled her son in kindergarten at the new elementary school location on the main campus. Within a few weeks, she began helping the PTO with carline and soon was voted in as the PTO Secretary. She continued as PTO Secretary for 2 years, and at that time she was voted in as PTO Treasurer. During her time with the PTO, she volunteered over 600 hours each year.

In 2011, Ms. Woody became an employee at James Irwin Charter Elementary School. She was a Satellite Assistant for 2 years for 1st and 3rd grade. She then moved into the position of 2nd grade Lead Teacher Assistant. She remained in that position until 2018 when she became 2nd grade Academic Specialist. Ms. Woody accepted a position at James Irwin Charter Academy in 2022. She now works for James Irwin Elementary School - Howard Campus as Curriculum/Assessment Specialist and EL Coordinator.

Ms. Woody earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration from Colorado Christian University.