Character Development

Character is destiny. It is critical to our country, our state, and our local community, that we cultivate a society that values high moral character. While we know that none of us are perfect, it is essential that we practice positive habits, reinforce those habits in our children, and intentionally teach what it looks like to make positive choices and learn from mistakes. 

The five Character Pillars at James Irwin are Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, and Excellence. We intentionally teach character throughout the school day, and these traits are modeled and expected in all students and staff.  

We also use the program, Character First, to support us in teaching and reinforcing positive character choices in our school community. Students learn the definition of a new character trait each month (attentiveness, diligence, deference, etc.) as well as practical ways to put the trait into action.  

Students are recognized for their excellence in displaying these traits through different awards given monthly for Character First and twice a year for the Character Pillars. 

Through consistent practice and reinforcement of these positive character traits, students experience the challenge and peace of mind that comes from choosing to do what is right.