Peter Surin

English/History Teacher

Mr. Surin joined JICMS immediately after graduating from Dartmouth College in 2023, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Comparative Literature and Asian History and Culture. JICMS is a great fit for Mr. Surin because of its core focus on cultivating student excellence in all spheres of life. Mr. Surin believes that cultivating individual virtue is a key step toward human flourishing at a society-wide level. He strongly affirms the primary position of parents in the education of their children, and he strives every day to assist parents in instructing their children to become educated, virtuous citizens of their communities and country. He feels blessed to be able to teach at James Irwin.

Originally from the Phoenix area, Mr. Surin moved to Colorado to experience the same beauty of the American West without so much heat. In his free time, Mr. Surin enjoys reading, learning history, philosophical conversations, watching movies with friends, exploring nature and human culture, trying out a new recipe, and a good all-American road trip.