Tony Wanick

English Teacher

Tony Wanick has a passion for languages that hopes to one day uncover the answer to human communication with animals. Through an avid interest in eclectic music and thought-provoking literature, he has been able to cultivate a life-long love for languages and cultures throughout the world. Mr. Wanick graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 2017 with a double BA in English (Writing Studies) and Spanish. Directly after a summer excursion to Spain, he graduated in 2019 from Illinois State with a Master's in Languages Literatures, with a focus in Theoretical and Applied Spanish Linguistics. In 2019, he acquired a CELTA Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the University of Cambridge. A short stint in teaching English in Pontevedra, Spain led him back to the Moorhead-Fargo area, where he transitioned from Sylvan Learning tutor into a certified paraeducator at Fargo Public Schools. Finally, Mr. Wanick began teaching Grammar at JICMS in 2022. As a soccer coach and teacher, Mr. Wanick hopes to positively influence students to have an appreciation for the world around them.