Sara Flores

6th Grade Science/Literature

Mrs. Flores graduated from California State University, San Marcos in 2005 with Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.  She then graduated again from Cal State San Marcos in 2007 with a certificate to teach middle school, as well as with her California teaching credentials:  Multiple Subject (elementary) and Single Subject with an emphasis in Geoscience, with supplementary authorizations in Social Studies and English.  In 2013, she and her family moved to Colorado to attend Bible college where she earned her Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies.  She began working at James Irwin Charter Middle School in 2013.  She chose to work at JICMS because of the mission statement and values that were presented at the interview, the presenters, and the interviewers.  While listening to the presentation, Mrs. Flores was in awe and found herself thinking (and holding back tears because crying in an interview is awkward) that a school like this, one she had dreamed about, actually existed.  She has stayed here for all these years because we stay true to our mission and vision, and still believe that “all students can learn,” and we still do work to make sure we do “what’s best for students.”  She stays here because of her fellow staff members who care about the students and work hard to make sure the students all have the opportunity to learn and grow – in their character and academics.  She stays here because of the coaching that she still receives because we are always learning and growing and able to become better at what we do.  She stays here because of the administration – their support, humility, and teachableness.  Mrs. Flores believes in what JICS believes in and says “JICS believes in the students and in me.”

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