504 Procedures

James Irwin Charter Academy

504 Procedures (adapted from CDE 504 Guidelines for Educators and Administrators and © Richards Lindsay*Martin, LLP. CESD 504 Compliance System, Fall 2000)
August 2013

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination against persons with a disability in any program receiving federal financial assistance. Under Section 504/ADA, the school has the responsibility to identify, evaluate, and if the child is determined to be eligible under Section 504/ADA, to provide access to appropriate educational services. The purpose of this document is to outline procedures for initiating a 504 for JICA students.

504 Referrals

A student may be screened for services under Section 504 at the request of a parent, or by recommendation of the JICA “KID Talk” team. Once the student is referred he/she will continue to receive assistance through the Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) which develops systematic interventions for academic and behavioral concerns. After parental consent is received the process will begin to determine if there is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity.

Parent Referral

Parents may submit a medical diagnosis and express student performance concerns to the classroom teacher. The teacher will prepare the Section 504 Referral document, attach a copy of the diagnosis and forward it to the 504 Coordinator. The 504 Coordinator will screen the documents with the JICA “KID Talk” assistance team.

JICA “Kid Talk” Team Referral

Students that have gone through the “KID Talk” assistance team, had adaptations applied with little to no success over three discussion periods and the body of evidence suggests that without accommodations the student cannot access the curriculum in a general education setting, will be screened for services under Section 504.
When a referral is made for screening services under Section 504 the following actions will occur:

  1. Teacher/Administrator Input for Section 504 Evaluation document is forwarded to the student’s teacher or teachers, to seek information about classroom performance, and information regarding disciplinary actions.
  2. Following the receipt of a referral and the decision made that a 504 Evaluation should be pursued, the Notice and Consent for Initial Section 504 Evaluation form is sent home to obtain parental consent for the initial evaluation. The Section 504 Student and Parent Rights as well as the Parent Input for 504 Evaluation forms are included in the mailing or take-home packet.
  3. Upon receipt of the Evaluation Consent and Parent Input forms, the 504 Coordinator compiles the data from all the forms, researches appropriate accommodations for the student and forwards the Accommodation Plan (draft) to the school administration for review.
  4. Once the review is complete, the parents are sent a Notice of Section 504 Meeting detailing the date and time of the meeting.
  5. During the meeting, the 504 Committee Members; including but not limited to an administrator, the 504 Coordinator, classroom teacher and parent(s) discuss the findings, review the accommodation plan and make necessary adjustments.
  6. At the conclusion of the meeting, the parent(s) will be provided a copy of the completed evaluation comprised of; The Section 504 Evaluation, Section 504 Team Meeting Summary, Implemented 504 Student Accommodation Plan, Notice of Section 504 Evaluation Results, and if necessary Section 504 Behavior Intervention/Management Plan.
  7. The 504 Coordinator will maintain a completed copy of the evaluation and ensure the desires of the 504 Committee are clear to all faculty and staff who will implement the plan.


JICA will report all 504s through the use of the ALPINE System. All of the applicable forms in ALPINE including the notice and consent, notice of meeting, 504 plan, etc. are input.

504 Review

Each student’s accommodations and/or services will be reviewed at least annually. Upon finalization of the review, the 504 Coordinator completes the Notice of Review and updates the plan in ALPINE as necessary.